Venezuela May Limit the Launch of New Digital Currency Exchanges

Venezuela’s authorities can try to limit the quantity of digital currency exchanges in order to be capable of function locally. In line with a manual posted remaining week as a part of a set of releases associated with the Venezuela’s newly released digital currency, the Petro, as few as 8 exchanges can be accredited to function within the marketplace.

The manual, released on February 20, info the necessities by which Venezuela’s digital currency exchanges have to function. It shows that the capitalization will exist at the outset, below the auspices of Venezuela’s digital currency superintendence, earlier than happening to mention that the authorities can modify the restriction after the primary ninety days of the exchanges’ operations.


Sources with information of the continuing process in Venezuela say that the capitalization can be more restrictive in practice. In line with Daniel Arraez, the co-founder of BlinkTrade, the authorities can limit the quantity of authorized exchanges to much less than that figure. BlinkTrade, which gives open-source software program for bitcoin exchanges, released SurBitcoin in Venezuela in 2014 and is applying to function under the new petro licensing regime.

Daniel Arraez mentioned that the change in law could present a huge marketplace possibility, but just if the exchanges are obvious and perceived as valid by the Venezuelan people. Daniel Arraez struck a positive tone about his company’s possibilities.

Daniel Arraez stated:

“We feel the modern regulation change is a high-quality change. We are already in conversations to function as quickly as possible. We feel the marketplace is going to be secure and we may get operational guarantees to protect our clients’ finances and protection.”


It stays to be seen what number of bitcoin and digital currency exchanges release in Venezuela within its newly minted regulatory framework. Likewise, it is not clear which exchanges are in active talks with the Maduro government, even though a report by local information source panorama on February 21 quoted Maduro as stating that thirty-six of the main digital currency exchange houses within the globe are operating with the authorities there. Nevertheless, the document offers a window into the Venezuelan authorities’ thinking on bitcoin and digital currency exchange oversight and the way it’d construct an environment around its digital currency.

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