Release of Mt. Gox’s Bitcoin Addresses List was suspend


The Mt.Gox trustee has suspended the release of the list of bitcoin addresses because it could endanger the personal information and the privacy of exchange users. The aim of this release was to facilitate the understanding of the key reasons of bitcoin exchange bankruptcy.


The Tokyo District Court assigned Trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, who was arranging for the Mt.Gox bitcoin addresses release, has suspend this release now. By his opinion, as a result the potential negative effect from the release can be much more detrimental in comparison with the possible benefits obtained from it.

Today the Trustee is in possession of 202,163.411 bitcoins, which is worth over $92 million USD. Moreover, today’s announcement involve that the Mt.Gox investigation, which was conducted with the support of Payward Group, is now complete and waits for its results.

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